Ceramic Uplighter front on


Height 210mm

Width 212mm

Light Source 7W LED

Material Earthenware Ceramic

Weight 0.9 kg (866g)


Perhaps the most visually stereotypical planet, Saturn has a very clear ring system which makes it stand out in our solar system. Similarly, the form of this uplighter is a very unusual shape compared to others in the range. Like all pieces in the planet series, the form is unique to the planet Saturn having been created from an algorithm using Saturn’s characteristics as the key parameters that build the form.

It’s minimal, pure white appearance comes from the Earthenware ceramic which casts beautiful shadows when exposed to light, and provides functional up-lighting when lit. This creates a hybridity to the form, where when off it acts as a sculptural form and when on it provides warming light in any space.

Saturn and its classic planetary ring system also comes with its mysteries and characteristics from which this uplighter has been built. One of Saturn’s features is its amazing hexagon shaped pole and its violent storms which rage across the planet. It also emits more energy than it receives from the sun, hinted at by the way the brilliant white of this light is almost radiant without being lit at all.

Saturn ceramic uplighter front on casting showdowns Planet Saturn in space