designer: evan moore 

I graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2017 where I developed a strong interest in lighting design. Drawn to the scope of designing the form of a light, I became engrossed in how form can be created and defined. This let me to begin experimenting with parametric design, but rather than focusing on trying to control a set parameter myself, I wanted to put that control in the hands of an external entity. My debut collection is a range of uplighters shaped by characteristics of individual planets. The resulting forms from this process of the algorithmic modelling are created in a collaboration with nature.

As a designer, I seek to produce work that bridges the gap between art and design. Exploring the brink of the two sectors, I strive to create pieces which can be both functional and sculptural. I enjoy working with complex making processes that combine the traditional and the digital, through a range of materials enabling me to design and create pieces which demonstrate both concept and craftsmanship along with function and form.

Studio: Mooremaking

At Mooremaking we design sculptural and functional lighting and furniture. Inspired by the incredible patterns and phenomenon nature produces, the pieces are often greatly informed by what we see around us. Materials and making processes are also at the heart of the Mooremaking, with each design prototyped in house to inform the design process, allow for material experimentation and development of form.