Mercury Uplighter Cast in Concrete


Height 210mm

Width 210mm

Light Source 12W G9 LED

Material Concrete

Weight 1.4kg

£200 ex P&P

The unique shape of this uplighter has been created using data collected about the planet Mercury such as mass, density, orbital velocity and temperature. These values act as the key constraints in a unique algorithm which builds a form based on the data. Through this method of creating form a collaboration emerges between what the designer defines in order to create a piece of functional lighting, combined with what the planet’s data defines to generate a one-off form.

Mercury is cast in concrete and meticulously finished to bring out the beautiful character of the material. The cold tones of the concrete contrast well with the warm and calming light that is cast by the uplighter, creating an ambience in any space.

The concrete surface of Mercury closely resembles the cratered surface of the planet which is constantly bombarded by asteroids and meteorites, due to its lack of atmosphere and its short distance from the sun. The pleasing texture and tones of concrete help create an exclusive and unusual piece of wall lighting.

Close up of the Concrete Surface of the Mercury UplighterPlanet Mercury in Space