two cast aluminium uplighter names after our earth


Height 210mm

Width 204mm

Light Source 7W LED

Material Aluminium

Weight 0.7 kg


Made from the most abundant metal on Earth this uplighter is cast in aluminium to create a sculptural light, inspired by our home planet. Earth’s characteristics have been used to create this form through the use of form-building algorithms. The designer then works with the structure that nature generates to create a functional piece of lighting, collaborating with nature.

The aluminium has been sand cast and remnants of the casting process can be seen on the reflective surface of the piece. The Earth casts a warm light onto the wall, contrasted by the cold, silver tones of the material to create a functional sculpture that stands out when both on and off. Like the planet Venus, the Earth is highly reflective, so the light has been polished to allude to this.

Aluminium light design
Surface of light design
Uplighter by Mooremaking
Aluminium light designSurface of light design
Uplighter by Mooremaking

Much of the Earth is still a mystery to man with 98% of the earths ocean and much of the complexities of the Earth’s atmosphere still remaining a cause for debate. It is of course still the only known planet to support life. The Earth has a nature of its own and is unique amongst planets, this uplighter is a representation of its character.

Made to order.

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Aluminium uplighter "Earth" from the frontPlanet Earth in space